Miso cod
Ingredients Qty Unit
Cod fish supreme 150 gms
For the marination
Japanese white miso 200 gm
Egg yolk 1 No
Mirin(Japanese sweet wine) 80 ml
Sake 40 ml
Breakfast sugar 40 gm


1-Make the marination mixing all the ingredient in a bowl to a smooth paste

2-Pat dry the fish .Ensure no water in the fish.

3-Add the fish to the marination making sure it gets covered from all the side.

4-Wrap it & keep it inside freez for at least 36 hours.

Cooking & finishing

1-Remove the fish from marinate and place it on a baking tray.

2-cook it in pre heated oven at 220 degree celcius for eight minutes.

3-serve hot.

Chef Vikram Khatri
Executive Chef
Guppy By Ai
Rinku Madan

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